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Margaret River Hemp Co.

Over 25 years ago, we stumbled into the incredible world of hemp while looking for chemical-free products that we could feel safe using on our own bodies, as well as our families. Soon after, we embarked on a journey that we hoped would make a positive impact on both humanity & our environment. ⁣

We initially set out with the goal to minimize the chemicals and synthetics in our lives – particularly in our skincare products and our clothes. It was during this mission that we found there were no hemp products made in Australia, and the only available options were manufactured in China…⁣

…This was the point that we decided that Australians deserved an option for Australian grown and manufactured hemp products. So, we set out to (and succeeded in) creating a range of products that ticked all of these boxes;⁣

We are licensed hemp growers (No.32) and are proud to say that in 2021 we will have the largest hemp harvest in Western Australia.

Also, this year we are embarking on our next new adventure, which we believe has the potential for a dramatic impact on the Australian Hemp Industry, the building industry and ultimately, our planet.

This is the processing of the hemp crop to make the fundamental building materials, which will help us to support the building industry through our company, Hemp Homes Australia. The machinery needed in this process is currently undergoing trials.

Our wide range of Skincare products, which are all handmade locally here in Margaret River include a range of hemp soaps, skin care, body care, hair care and bath and shower products that were all made with our Australian grown, cold-pressed Hemp Seed Oil!​

We also stock hemp foods in the form of hemp protein, flour, seed, and of course hemp seed oil. We’ve even got some delicious hemp chocolates for the sweet tooth. Yep, it’s all made here by us – and vegan friendly!

When it comes to textiles, Australia is yet to give locally grown and made hemp fabrics a good go. So while our hemp clothing is still sourced internationally, we only use the highest quality hemp and organic cotton in our clothes. We’ve got an extensive selection of styles available, with dress or casual hemp clothing for men & women.

So whether you’re looking for 100% hemp or organic cotton blends, we’ve got you covered. If you’re considering your own hemp clothing project, or anything else that requires raw hemp fabric, we also have a selection of hemp fabric rolls to choose from.

And for the best sleep you’ve ever had, we also have a range of Australian-made hemp bedding that includes various sizes of hemp bed sheets, hemp pillow cases, and hemp quilt covers.


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