All About Us

"We're on a MISSION to build a greener future by creating local, healthy and sustainable supply chains - from farm to finished product"

Margaret River Hemp Processing was set up by Gary Rogers, owner of Margaret River Hemp Co and Hemp Homes Australia & David Campbell, Director of Karranga Station and a broad acre farmer in Esperance.

Growth of the industrial hemp (Cannabis Sativa) agricultural industry and the development of its use as a high value industrial raw material input or consumer product was impeded by the absence of processing facilities in WA. This project has provided a commercially viable processing facility in Margaret River to efficiently process WA-grown raw hemp into various value-add products. It has significant flow-on economic and environmental benefits to the farming and sustainable building industries.

Gary is a registered builder and has been involved in the Hemp Industry since 1995 and is leading sustainable hempcrete construction in WA. He has built several architecturally designed hemp homes with strong demand for future builds.

David is a 4th generation farmer. His family are successful broad acre farmer’s from the Esperance Region since 1911.

The hemp hurd and fibre used for construction are currently imported from interstate or overseas, increasing financial and environmental costs.

 When carbon transport emissions are considered, hempcrete walls made from imported hemp struggle to meet sustainability criteria, reducing incentive for consumers to use hemp as a building material and slowing the growth of the sustainable building industry. 
Building a green future by creating a local, healthy & sustainable supply chain - from farm to finished product.
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