Hemp Bedding - The Best Choice For Your Pet

December 4, 2021
Georgie Wilkinson

Healthy for your Pet and Horse plus the Environment

100% Australian grown and produced hemp pet bedding from the beautiful South West region of WA, Margaret River. Grown and processed by Margaret River Hemp Co since 1995.

Made from the woody core of the hemp plant stem called hurd.

A sustainable  Australian Industry, from our family to yours..

Features & Benefits of Hemp Bedding 

Industrial hemp is a revolutionary bedding option for your pet that does everything popular beddings does well without their drawbacks. 

Dust Free

Its natural, dust-free properties perform better than normal beddings and reduce particles in the air.

Highly Absorbent:

Has amazing moisture retention to keep your bedding free of any waste. You won’t have to scrub your pet’s home as often or worry about them living in their own droppings. Hemp  bedding creates a clean  resting space that prevents bacteria growth from extra waste.

Reduce Nasty Smells:

Unlike regular beddings, hemp bedding absorbs ammonia odours and other nasty smells. The  hemp plant creates a fresher and cleaner  environment free for you and your animal.


There are zero trees harmed in the making of your finest industrial hemp bedding! Grows and decomposes faster than other beddings and produces 4 times as much pulp per acre as trees do. GMO and chemical free. Compostable and biodegradable.

Extra Comfort:

Hemp has natural antibacterial properties and is an excellent insulator to keep your animals warm and comfortable in winter and breathable in the warmer months.  Great for asthmatics and people who are susceptible to allergies or respiratory irritation that many other types of fibre can cause.

Building a green future by creating a local, healthy & sustainable supply chain - from farm to finished product.
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